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No Reserve: 1976 Porsche 911S Coupe Private

Cars Port Lincoln   13 views
Location: Port Lincoln
Price: $26,625 Negotiable

This 1976 Porsche 911S 5-speed is on offer by its third owner who describes it as a very clean driver. Entirely free of rust with no evidence of prior accidents, the car is fundamentally stock with original drivetrain and the seller says 40k miles is true and correct based on the various wear items and general look and feel of the car. It was purchased from second owner, an acquaintance of the seller through local car circles who owned the car for 34 years. When acquired four years ago, the car was in need of deferred maintenance – the seller says he is rather anal about his cars and set about bringing the car back to a reliable and presentable driver. Around 1000 miles have been logged since being sorted, having received a new fuel tank, rebuilt alternator, valve adjustment, and more detailed below.

The seller has recently resprayed the hood, engine lid and rear bumper to correct some crazing that had begun to emerge on factory finish, and color match is excellent. There are a handful of very small, sub-fingernail sized clear coat chips on the front fenders and two small fisheyes on the hood – see detail shots in the gallery below. The car was lowered and then properly aligned and corner balanced with a bump steer kit added.

Original cookie cutter wheels have been refinished and present very nicely with correct Michelin tires. Additional exterior flaws are limited to a dented and cracked lower front valance and a driver’s side mirror that is beginning to show its age. As was popular in the 80’s, the car was partially “de-anodized” and had its lower rockers painted over as well as body color Bosch headlight rings fitted in place of original items which are included.

Gold Carrera script was removed around the same time. Bumper bellows and the hood crest are new, all rubber remains pliable and deep black. Glass is in excellent condition.

Several additional lift shots are provided in the gallery below. The seller emphasizes that the car is entirely free of rust including surface corrosion, noting that visible brown areas shown here are remnants of factory-applied Cosmoline protectant. Note also the good remaining tire tread, recently rebuilt and refinished front brake calipers and new fuel tank. A factory pinch weld midway along the driver’s side outer floor appears to have been partially wrinkled when put on a lift by a previous owner.

The interior is is very nice with recently recovered front seats. The correct material was used though color match is slightly off from the original dash, door panels and rear seats. Carpets, headliner, dash and various trim pieces are all well-preserved with no notable flaws, and all gauges, lights, switches and accessories including the power-operated steel sliding sunroof work. Upgraded door stop straps have been fitted as OEM items are a known failure point. Tint added in the 80’s was recently removed, though it remains on the rear window as the seller didn’t want to damage the factory defrost grid.

When first purchased, the car had sat for some time and was not running properly despite its then-owner having spent several thousands of dollars on the fuel delivery system. Immediately following purchase, the seller had the car towed to his mechanic for trouble shooting. The seller says, “We hooked up pressure gauges and drove around the local park with the rear deck lid open and the gauges taped to the back windshield so we could read them! We drove around until it “kangarooed”…in the split second before it did so, we noticed the fuel pressure wavered! There it was! We started at the source….the fuel pump….unhooked it and were greeted by rust plugging the fuel pump.”

A new, aftermarket tank was fitted, the fuel pump and lines were cleaned and the car has since been driven around 1000 trouble-free miles. Said to rev freely and make good power, the engine doesn’t drip if used semi-regularly–over the long Nebraska winters it will leak a few drops on the shop floor, though the seller notes it’s an inconsequential amount and that his unheated garage regularly dips to zero degrees or below during January and February. The intermediate muffler remains, however the seller has removed the main unit for a louder exhaust note.

Here’s a shot of the new tank from above. The seller notes that this is a non-California market car so it is not equipped with the troublesome thermal reactors. An aftermarket ignitor and Pertronix electronic ignition system have been added, but originals are included and benefit from a recent $260 rebuild. The engine retains its original head studs and timing chain tensioner. Recent work included a valve adjustment, alternator rebuild, fitment of a new shifter coupler, new engine compartment sound mat and new hood support struts. Stainless steel braided flex lines are also recent.

Work performed by the previous owner just prior to the seller’s purchase included an engine-out service consisting of fitment of a new clutch, plugs, wires, and filters. A new fuel accumulator, distributor and pump were also fitted in an attempt to correct the previous rough running issue.

Suspension is tight with no weird noises, gear changes are crisp, precise and smooth, brakes are strong and the seller says the car is ready to enjoy for a long time by the next keeper with nothing needed whatsoever. An excellent photo gallery is viewable below. Filed under: 911, 911 s, impact bumper, impact-bumper